For persons or couples with minimal assets, I recognize the importance of having a Will and Powers of Attorney, so I offer a special discounted fee as a service to my community: $200 - 400 + HST, otherwise:

For one person:

Estate planning, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney for Property, and Power of Attorney for Personal Care:     $400-700* + HST

For a couple (husband and wife):

Estate planning, two Last Wills and Testaments, two Powers of Attorney for Property, and two Powers of Attorney for Personal Care:     $700-1,000* + HST  

* The process of getting a Will done at my firm includes estate planning, takes approximately a month and a half, includes several face-to-face meetings, gives you a chance to organize things on your end (with my help), gives you a chance to ask many questions, and ends with the signing of all required documents. See Will Making Process - Explained for further details.

**I offer in-home consultations for seniors living in Mississauga.


Advice to family members regarding their rights and responsibilities after the death of a loved one.    Reasonable fees.

Application to probate a Will (also known as application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee With a Will):      $2,000* + HST

Application to administer an estate without a will (also known as application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee Without a Will):      $2,000* + HST

Advice to estate trustee during estate administration.    Reasonable fees.

Advice regarding insolvent estates. Reasonable fees.


Will-Review Consultation:    $200 + HST (you have an old will and you don't know if it still works for you)

Executor Consultation:    $200 + HST (you are named executor, and you don't know how to begin)

Power of Attorney Consultation:    Reasonable fees. (your loved one is in the hospital and you are acting as the power of attorney. You don't know what are your duties and responsibilities.)

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