Are you acting pursuant to a Power of Attorney?

Have you been named under a Power of Attorney but you don’t know what you need to do? What are your duties and responsibilities? What are your powers? What does the Power of Attorney allow you to do? Call me to make an appointment, bring the document and we can have a conversation about it. I charge reasonable consulting fees.

Are you confused about what to do at the hospital? Are the hospital staff giving you legal advice about the Power of Attorney document that your parent put in place? They shouldn’t be doing that. Ask to get back to them and call me. We can discuss your situation, your rights, obligations and options. You will be much more clear about what you need to do after consulting with me.

Are you dealing with a bank with respect to a Power of Attorney document prepared by a loved one? Are you getting conflicting advice? Are you confused by the document’s provisions? Stop, take a breath and call me. I’ll help interpret the document for you. You can tell me about the family circumstances. I can tell you about your legal responsibilities as attorney. This will go a long way to helping you make the right decision for your situation.