How to reach me:

Feel free to choose from the following:

Call me to arrange the FREE initial consultation: We will sit down at my office and talk about your circumstances. I will answer any of your questions about the will-making process. We will identify some of the main issues to address in your estate planning. We will decide how to proceed.

Call me for a telephone consultation. Although I much prefer to have my first meeting with clients in person, I am available by telephone as well.

Email me to book an appointment. I offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments. I offer in-your-home appointments for seniors. Let me know what time and date works for you. I will respond most likely on the same day.

Email me your will and estate related questions. I welcome your various questions. However, keep in mind that will-making and estate planning process is not an exact science. So the same question can be answered in many different ways depending on the client or the circumstances. You will not benefit from generalized advice. You will however benefit from personalized discussion that addresses your situation in its entirety.