Do you have a Will? No? That’s a problem. Here’s why:

A Will gives your loved ones a starting point for administering your estate after your death. If you don't have a Will, the task that your family faces is very daunting.

They are faced with many questions. To start with, they don't know if you left any assets. Sure they have a vague idea, but are not certain. Where did you keep all the documents? Who should look for them and where? Remember, your family members also have their jobs and maybe children to attend to - they have limited time to search around your home for various documents. What properties did you own - any real estate? What about bank accounts? Who did you want to inherit those properties? Did you want anyone in particular to inherit your personal belongings?

What person should be in charge of the estate? If you don't name that person, all of your family members will have to agree about who to appoint. That may be difficult especially since some people may not be available, others may be emotionally drained at the moment when these decisions need to be made. You don't want to leave chaos and confusion behind you. And you don't want your passing to be the start of family squabbles.

A Will sets out a plan, and having a plan puts people at ease. They know that you have thought about what would happen after your death, that you have answered all the main questions. They also know who is in charge and they can politely wait for the estate administration to be done. This will support the whole family and strengthen their mutual relationships. I promise that they will be grateful to you for the insight and guidance you provided.