When There Is a Will, There Is a Way

Perhaps this title makes you laugh, but it definitely applies in the area of estates. After you die, your loved ones will be coping with your loss. They will face the prospect of continuing their lives without you. By leaving a Last Will and Testament, you provide them with invaluable guidance. Indeed, you provide them with “a way” to follow as they start on that life.

By making a will, you:

  • give your family the benefit of your special understanding, experience and values after your death;
  • direct how best to distribute your assets after your death;
  • create a plan for your estate trustee to follow while administering your estate. This simplifies the administration and minimizes disagreements among beneficiaries;
  • get all the various estate distributions to work together;
  • maximize the benefit transferred to your loved ones;
  • plan for the payment of various debts and taxes;
  • can have a peace of mind about what happens to your family after your death.